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Online Zoom courses

Ultimate comfort & convenience

“I am so glad we did the course on Zoom.  It was easy to ask questions.  You have such a lovely way of delivering such useful info & the pack in the post was brilliant."

Sonya, Mummy to Wibur

“Being able to go on mute & watch the recording was such a bonus.  The course was brilliant & I've been recommending you to all our friends!”

Harry, Daddy to Flora

How do the online courses work ?

  • In small groups, offering parents, grandparents & friends the chance to do the course from the comfort of their own home, with all the benefits of online can bring such as being on mute and in your comfys on the sofa!  


  • Courses are live, you can ask questions at any time & the recording is available for a few days following the course.

  • A pack will be sent to you in the post.


  • Courses are relaxed & parents are encouraged to feed, change and comfort their babies as they wish. 

  • Prices are per household.  Discounts are available if friends join online too, for them & for you.  

  • Would you like a course for your family & friends?  Please get in touch to book.


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book too