Baby & Child First Aid

This is the super practical course

you need to feel confident managing 


big & small 

At the Studio:

 7th February or

7th March

or in

your home!

Giving you reassurance & peace of mind

“Thanks a lot for the class which we found very useful... and already been helping a lot as Nathan did fall on his head yesterday.  Very reassuring to know what to check and who to call.”

Jack, Daddy to Wilf


“I enjoyed it very much and you taught me things I hadn't thought about. Thank you. It's a valuable course and you explain things so clearly, and listening to someone with considerable experience is very reassuring. I can now think about potential problems before they arise."

Becky, Mummy to Zenia

"Fantastic course.  Katherine has a beautiful manner and is reassuring

so everyone felt confident to ask questions"
Fran, expectant parent

How will this course help you?


Covering the info you really need to know - perfect for parents and grandparents, you can ask questions and babies are always welcome.

You will receive a First Aid Manual and other handouts, for future reference.   


  • Choking and what to do if a baby or child stopped breathing - plenty of time to practice easy to remember techniques, one manikin each, or on a teddy or dolly online!

  • Burns and scalds

  • Bleeding, cuts and grazes

  • Falls, Head injuries, bumps and bruises

  • Ingestions

  • Meningitis

  • Managing fever and febrile convulsions, tummy bugs

  • Allergic Reactions

  • When and where to get help

  • What to keep in a medicine cabinet

  • Accident Prevention and Home Safety advice

  • Safer Sleep advice for newborns

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At the beautiful Baby Steps Studio, in your home or online

Why choose Baby Steps?

This course is the culmination of over 27 years experience as a Registered Paediatric Nurse & Health Visitor and being a Mummy of two - it's the stuff you really need to know! 

Importantly we cover how to prevent the accidents too.  

I look forward to meeting you online or in person,

Katherine x


Ultimate Go to Guide to Managing Colds in Babies

When your little one has a cold it can be exhausting and worrying as a new parent. 


Watch this guide and you will feel reassured and know what actions to take