Baby Massage

A truly special  experience

for you & your baby 

The benefits will last a lifetime

“If you do one class do this one.  I really wasn't finding things easy and it was a real turning point,  I can read my baby cues much better now, she really smiles! 

Katherine made us feel totally at ease”

Holly, Mummy to Poppy 4 months

“I will never forget this course.  As a new parent it was such a special bonding experience and perfect when we were first finding our feet.  Thank you so, so much"

Bea, Mummy to Freddie 4 months

“It's hard to put into words what we gained from the course.  We love doing Massage and honestly the Studio in the woods, with muffins and tea, was a wonderful place to unwind ”

Saffie, Mummy to Charlie 3 months

How will this course help you?

  • Come to the cocoon of the Baby Steps Studio in the woods. You will learn about the incredible benefits of baby massage for your baby including relief from wind, colic, teething, aiding sleep & digestion.  A bonding experience & importantly a chance for you to unwind with relaxation exercises, Neal Yard Remedies treats & share the rollercoaster of having a new baby.    


  • Awaiting you is easy parking, comfy cushions & soft rugs, calming music & restrictions allowing a delicious Baby Steps menu.  You will feel your shoulders relax. As a Mummy of two I know only too well how these little touches can make your day! A good day or a bad day, after a good night or a bad night. Anything goes.


  • The courses are a small group keeping it relaxed.  Suitable from around 6 weeks to crawling.  You will get a goody bag with Neals Yard Remedies Baby Massage oil, keepsake memory cards, a booklet of all the massage strokes and more!  

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At the beautiful Baby Steps Studio in the woods

Why choose Baby Steps?

I qualified as a Certified Infant Massage Instructor in 2007 with the International Association of Infant Massage.  I was absolutely blown away by the wonderful benefits for babies & parents & the special time and bond it creates.  This wonderful course will help you feel reassured & supported.

I treasured massaging my children and will ensure you create memories with yours.

I can't wait to meet you and your little one,

Katherine x


Ultimate Go to Guide to Managing Colds in Babies

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