Let your shoulders relax and stress melt away…….

Here is the perfect time for you

You deserve it

You will feel calmer, sleep better & enjoy a lovely pamper!

"That is the first time I have done anything for myself since my baby was born 11 months ago.  Thank you so much" Emily


I was able to have an Epsom salt bath which was sooo relaxing - the last time I had done that was pre baby!!  Thank you so much for the pampering bits too, they smell and feel amazing."  Ruth

And breathe.......


I am on a mission to help you have a chance to unwind.

  • Anything goes - you can be in your pjs with a cuppa️ or glass of wine, in bed, on the sofa, you can have your camera on or off.  Friends can join you or you can just have the time for yourself.  Whatever feels right for you!

  • You will receive a lovely pack of happy post for you to enjoy at the event with Neals Yard Remedies treats and keepsakes.


  • We start with relaxation exercises to help you unwind, then I will focus on lovely 5 minute ideas to help you have moments of calm in your day and then we will have a gorgeous pamper with Neals Yard Remedies.  This a chance to have a bit of time for yourself in the comfort and convenience of your own home.  I just love these events!

  • Would you like a course for your family and friend?  Please get in touch to book.

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if friends or

family book


Why choose Baby Steps?

Enjoy on your sofa or tucked up in bed

Why choose Baby Steps?

With over 26 years supporting parents and as a working Mummy myself I know how hard it can be to find anytime for yourself but I also know how important it is!  Never more so than now.  

I can promise this will be a lovely, special time for you.