Weaning & Weaning Safely

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When your baby has only had milk, the thought of giving them ‘real’ food can be a daunting one - especially with the mountain of information out there!

This Weaning Course gives you all the information you need to feel super prepared, with the opportunity to ask questions, whatever stage you are at, and most of all to ensure you’re going to enjoy this exciting stage.


Following the latest recommendations, I will advise you step-by-step on when and how to introduce different foods to your baby. We discuss different options for weaning including 'traditional' purees, finger foods and ‘baby led weaning’, time saving tips, teething and dental care, cups and dummies are also discussed to ensure you feel confident about the many questions that arise during this stage of your baby’s development.

I liaise with Nutritionists and regularly attend courses in Child Health and Nutrition ensuring individual up to date advice.  In this invaluable two hour course you will be given a comprehensive booklet covering all info from the course, plus further handouts to refer to at home on your Weaning journey. 

“Absolutely amazing! Very knowledgeable and insightful morning full of great ideas and tips, thank you!  We are excited to start.

Saffie, Mummy to Charlie

“Everything you shared was really informative and I definitely feel much more

confident, so it was great to have such useful and practical advice." 
Sam, Mummy to Luna, Richmond

"The Weaning Guide is great.  Loved how you covered all the textures and options plus teething and loads of useful info on different foods and how to make it easy.  A must!"

Lenka, Mummy to Hari

Weaning Safely


Feeling nervous about choking, lumps and finger foods? Why not book the Weaning Safely course which encompasses Weaning plus the elements of First Aid, which can cause anxiety when starting solid food - Choking and Allergic Reactions.


In this two and half hour course you will practice the choking technique on manikins.  We will discuss Allergic Reactions and the differences between mild and severe reactions and what actions to take.

It is highly recommend you do a First Aid course to feel fully prepared for Weaning and as your little one becomes mobile and new safety issues arise.

Courses are currently only online due to Coronavirus - see upcoming dates.  For more information and prices please get in touch.

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