Step by step advice,

covering all you need to know to create happy, healthy meals with your little one

At the Studio:

21st February

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your home!

Ensuring you feel confident & excited for your Weaning journey

“Absolutely amazing! Very knowledgeable and insightful morning full of great ideas and tips, thank you!  We are excited to start.

Saffie, Mummy to Charlie age 5 months

“Everything you shared was really informative and I definitely feel much more

confident, so it was great to have such useful and practical advice." 

Helen, Mummy to Oscar age 6 months

How will this course help you?


Following the latest recommendations, I will advise you step-by-step on when and how to introduce different foods to your baby.


We discuss different options for weaning including:

  • 'Traditional' purees and mash

  • Finger foods

  • Baby Led Weaning

  • Using family food

  • Lots of time saving tips & hacks

  • Shop bought baby food and Weaning kit - what's good?

  • Cups

  • Teething and dental care

  • And more!

You will receive a pack with a Weaning Guide.  It's your time to ask questions & throughout your Weaning journey.  Babies are always welcome.

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At the beautiful Baby Steps Studioin your home or online

Why choose Baby Steps?

I have been helping families with Weaning for over 27 years as a Registered Paediatric Nurse & Health Visitor & importantly experienced Weaning first hand as a Mummy of two.   I have done many courses in Children's Nutrition.

I absolutely love seeing parents shoulders relax as they go from feeling overwhelmed and confused to being genuinely excited about sharing family meals together.

I look forward to meeting you online or in person,

Katherine x


Ultimate Go to Guide to Managing Colds in Babies

When your little one has a cold it can be exhausting and worrying as a new parent. 


Watch this guide and you will feel reassured and know what actions to take