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Garden Safety

Katherine Whitby | Registered Paediatric Nurse | Health Visitor | Baby Massage Instructor | Mummy of Two | Founder of Baby Steps

Summer is really here so let’s make sure you feel as safe as possible with your little one so you can relax and enjoy being in your garden/ outside space.

As they pass through their developmental milestones they are busy exploring. You may need to focus on different areas compared to last Summer.

No safe proofing can 100% prevent an accident but you can make sure you avoid big accidents and you reduce your stress levels!

If you have a balcony have a little review of whether you need to step up safety measures as obviously, they can be massively hazardous!

  • Could they climb onto anything?

  • Do you need a window/ door lock?

If you have a patio many of the garden measures will apply.


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Back to the blog...

Your Garden

A place where we like to spend time and your little ones may play. As we are enjoying the great outdoors more, it's time to make sure whatever space you have at home; garden, patio, balcony is as safe as possible.

Cupboard under the sink, safety for children, remove hazards out of reach

BBQ - how much do we all love at summer barbeque?! A barbecue can stay hot enough to cause a serious contact burn for a long time after they’ve been used & let’s be honest we can easily forget as we enjoy the day. Little hands can reach up and sustain serious burns or it can get knocked into.

Plants - Children love exploring and being outside plus in the early years everything goes to the mouth. Teaching them not to eat plants or berries without checking with an adult first is important. Know your first aid advice in case they do ingest something you think might be poisonous.

Trampolines - working in A&E I know how many accidents happen on trampolines but they are so fun aren’t they?! Ideally one person at a time is best but if it’s more try to make sure they are similar in weight to prevent accidents.

Water - So much better to prevent accidents if you can. Babies and toddlers can drown in as little as 5cm (2”) of water, so supervision around ponds and paddling pools is essential. Empty the paddling pool when you have finished using it. Do your neighbours’ have any water that could prove a risk? In the park? At the Beach? Swimming pool on holiday?

Gardening equipment - Put any dangerous slug pellets, weed killer etc which they could get their hands on out of reach. Lock garden tools away in a shed or other secure area, and never leave electrical equipment plugged in when not in use.

Chairs and loungers - make sure they are securely assembled as they can often collapse and have dangerous hinges

Climbing - is there anything they could climb on which means they could reach things or fall off?

Aside from all of this, have the best time! Many happy memories are made in the garden and there is nothing better than having fun in nature, sun and the fresh air together.

For more info see the Child Accident Prevention Trust

Is it time to up the safe proofing in your home?!

For reassurance, confidence and peace of mind, why not do one of my First Aid Courses which are tailored to your little one’s age and stage and focus on home safety and accident prevention as well as emergencies big and small.

Working in Paedaitric A&E for over 20 years and as a Mum of two I cover what you really need to know!

Baby steps  child and baby first aid courses at the studio with Katherine Whitby

The last few places are available for Baby & Child First Aid at the Baby Steps Studio in the woods on Friday 7th July 10am-12.30. Babies welcome :)

Baby steps  child and baby first aid courses in your home with Katherine Whitby

I would be so happy to help you with a First Aid course in your home for friends, family or just for you.

Baby steps child and baby first aid courses online in your own time with Katherine Whitby

There are loads of invaluable tips included in my online Ultimate Baby and Child First Aid and Home Safety course It covers not only what to do in emergencies but the day to day stuff - the toolkit you need.

You can watch in your own time, in the comfort of your home and go back to it again and again, perfect for the whole family.

I look forward to supporting you,

Katherine x

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