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The Baby-Steps 2024 Check-List

Katherine Whitby | Registered Paediatric Nurse | Health Visitor | Baby Massage Instructor | Mummy of Two | Founder of Baby Steps

January is a lovely month to take things gently after the excitement and often hectic pace of Christmas.  I’ve kept things simple this month on my blog with this gorgeous list of practical and lovely things to help you feel calmer at the start of 2024.

Here are some things you may wish to ‘tick off the list’ so you feel reassured, confident, and have peace of mind.

Plus I've included ways to help keep your cup full and take care of you.  

I hope it helps!  Happy New Year x

January check list for mums and parents


Baby in a bouncer, also known as a hand freerer upper

  • Do you need to book a First Aid course?

  • Does anyone in the family need to do a First Aid course? 

  • Do you need to do any safe proofing? Corners, stair gates, cupboard locks etc

  • Is your First Aid kit and medicine cabinet stocked and up to date (check expiry dates)?

  • Check battery cover screws are tight on your little ones toys e.g mobile, musical books, toys.   

  • Do you have a ‘drop zone’ where you can safely leave your baby to give you some free hands time?  Depending on their stage this may be a bouncer chair, their cot, high chair or jumperoo (with straps ;0)


I have just the thing to help with your first aid and home safety confidence building...

First aid and home safety online course for parents of babies and young children

Click for all the details you need.



Weekly meal planning schedule
  • Batch cook some family meals to have some warming meals ready to go

  • Do an online shop to stock up on staples such as tinned beans, tinned tomatoes, frozen veg & fruit, seeds, nut butter so you have stuff ready to go 

  • Plan a week of meals with some which will work for a couple of days such as a casserole, roast, stew which you can swop up with rice/ pasta/ quinoa/ potato and get some in the freezer too for another week by doubling up on ingredients. 

  • Try some new textures if you haven’t already, lumps, finger foods, moving to full family food

  • Enjoy a snack or meal out in a cosy cafe, restaurant or pub to give you a day off!


Worried about weaning? I have the key to a safe and happy weaning journey for you and your little one.

First aid for weaning course


What lovely self-care moments are you going to do for yourself each day?

me time in the bath with a book, candles and coffee
  • A lovely cuppa, a warm bath, reading a magazine, choosing a fave or new programme to watch….start small and build up

  • Can you plan something each week which gives you a bit of time to yourself? A lie in, a walk on your own, time doing your favourite exercise, having your nails done, a massage, a chat / coffee with a friend or your partner? 

  • Comforts - whatever feels lovely to you -

  • Do you need a bit of a boost with some vitamins or Pro biotics? – 70 – 80% of our immunity is in the gut, so it makes sense to keep it as healthy as possible. Pro biotics are now widely recognised to help do this.  Plus this time of year consider Vitamin D, C and zinc to help our immunity.

Please get in touch with any questions

And for more useful tips and advice follow me...

Katherine at the baby-steps studio in Hampshire Dorset

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