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Soul-Full Mama & Baby

"This course has taken me from feeling overwhelmed, chaotic and stressed, to calm, positive and content',"
Sian with baby Harrison

"This is the course that every Mother & Baby needs"

Feel calmer & happier for you and your baby 

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Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Do you want to find a bit of you again as a new Mum?

Come & get the support you and your baby need & deserve.

Each week in the calm cocoon of the Baby Steps Studio in the woods, you will enjoy relaxation exercises and a special bonding activity with your baby. We will cover topics to help you navigate life as a new parent and build a gorgeous toolkit to make each day easier and to weave in the things are important to you.

This will have massive benefits for your baby.

As always there will be supportive chat, Neals Yard Remedies treats, a cuppa and something yummy. We will have wonderful moments with the babies enjoying the Baby Steps garden too and making special memories.

This course has taken Mums from feeling 

'overloaded', 'stressed', 'tired', 'angry', ' regretful' 'cloudy', 'chaotic',


To: 'calm', 'positive' 'connected', 'hopeful, 'peaceful', ‘content', ‘relieved'

"I’m on the last week of Katherine’s course - Soul-full Mama and let me just begin to say, my soul is feeling full! It’s amazing to be part of such a wonderful group of caring individuals. I’ve shared so much on my journey and feel like my problems are now less. There’s no judgement, just support, care and advice. I cannot recommend this course enough, it gives you a safe space every week to just unload and feel understood and the techniques you learn will last a lifetime!"     Abbey with baby Arlo

How will this course help you and your baby?

​I am here to help you every step of the way.  Using my 30 years experience, as a Mum of two, to give practical and emotional support, which will have huge benefits for you and your baby. 

Motherhood is a journey filled with a range of emotions and challenges, from real joy to moments of doubt, exhaustion and often loneliness.  Did you know baby brain is real?

The Soul-Full Mama & Baby course will give you a nurturing space to explore these feelings and transitions, with support and guidance in a small group, plus lovely moments with your baby

The tools you will learn will ensure you feel more relaxed with your baby = happy baby!


I feel I have the best job in the world and can't wait to support you,


Katherine x​​

Why not have a Free Chat with me to see how this course can support you and your baby

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Hannah, with baby Leo

“‘Baby Steps has been an invaluable source of support to me during the early months. I’ve looked forward to each session and have learnt so many tools and techniques that I now use regularly"

Abbey, with baby Arlo

“The way you tailor your support to both Mummies and babies is such a gift and makes Baby Steps special.  It was exactly what this anxious, overwhelmed, frazzled Mummy needed”

Alice, with baby Finlay 

" Katherine goes above and beyond to make sure you are welcomed, relaxed and reassured.  I only wish I had found her classes sooner”

Free Download...

The things parents wish they had known about their new baby


Here's the heads up!

It covers invaluable questions & information. I really hope it gives you reassurance and peace of mind.

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