Why not have a Relaxation or Pamper event for you and your friends?

Please get in touch if you would like to book a lovely evening or Coffee Morning just for you and your friends.  I would be delighted!

Katherine is a Neals Yard Remedies consultant.  You will have the chance to enjoy some calming treats and goodies at these lovely events. 

If you would like to treat yourself, friends or family to any of the lovely products you will enjoy at the Relaxation events or other goodies please see my personal

Neals Yard Remedies Shop

If you have any queries about any of the products please do get in touch.

Feeling like you haven't got a second to yourself?!

Let your shoulders relax and sleepless nights melt away…….

I am on a mission to help Mummies have a chance to unwind everyday.
Here is the perfect evening for deserve it.

Anything goes - you can be in your pjs with a cuppa️ or glass of wine, in bed, on the sofa whatever suits! You can have your camera on or off.  Whatever feels right for you. Friends can join online or you can just have the time for yourself.

The next one on the Wednesday 12th May 8-9.30pm.  You will receive a lovely pack of happy post for you to enjoy on the evening, with Neals Yard Remedies treats and keepsakes.

We start with relaxation exercises to help you unwind, then I will focus on lovely ways to help you find moments of calm in your day with 5 minute ideas and then we will have a gorgeous pamper with  Neals Yard Remedies.  This a chance to have a bit of time for yourself in the comfort and convenience of your own home.  I love these evenings!



Relaxation Evening 0n Zoom

 Wednesday 12th May 8-9.30pm

Please get in touch to book

Discounts if friends or family book too!

Relaxation Events at Baby Steps HQ

I am looking forward to welcoming you back soon.  Surrounded by beautiful woodlands and gardens, the Baby Steps Studio is the perfect venue in which to unwind.  A pampering hand massage will be available for anyone who would like one!   

I can’t wait to welcome you to the calm Cocoon of the Baby Steps Studio. 

Homemade muffins, a cuppa, squidgy cushions and so much more await you.

Katherine x

"That is the first time I have done anything for myself since my baby was born 11 months ago.  Thank you so much" Emily


I was able to have an Epsom salt bath which was sooo relaxing - the last time I had done that was pre baby!!  Thank you so much for the pampering bits too, they smell and feel amazing."  Ruth

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening, I really enjoyed it! I found it so helpful, so good to just breathe!  I have implemented some of the relaxing techniques you went through." Seren