Holiday Emergencies

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Make a check list, plan ahead and chances are you'll never need it.

Make an emergency check list before going on holiday
Make sure you know Baby First Aid before you go on Holiday

Emergency Contacts

If you are going away on holiday check out all the emergency contacts before you go – I never used to before having kids! Have these to hand in your bag and also pinned up at home, make sure babysitters and grandparents know them too!:

  • Ambulance 999 in the UK, 112 in Europe or check for other countries if going abroad

  • NHS 111 for free telephone advice 24 hours a day

  • GP details whether at home or abroad

  • Local A&E department whether at home or abroad Accident Prevention and Home Safety Remember to have a good look around where you are staying on holiday, with friends or family for any hazards, in particular:

  • Kitchen – anything sharp, cleaning products, oven doors…..list goes on!!

  • Bathroom

  • Stairs

  • Steps outside

  • Lose flexes they may like to pull or chew on

  • Blind cords hanging down

  • Water – ponds, swimming pool

  • Glass - doors or tables

  • Corners – prominent edges or corners they could bang their heads on

Family and Other Holiday Makers

Remember friends or family, or those around you who do not have young children will not be in the same red alert state you be wary of medication they could reach, hot drinks, alcohol (!), hot hair straighteners, gates left open...

Managing the heat

While it’s amazing to have the hot weather, it can also be tough on little ones. Things that can help are:

  • A fan - at a distance, not too close

  • Aloe Vera gel as mentioned above

  • Just wearing a nappy or a sheet sleeping bag at night

Be very careful not to cover prams, push chairs, car seats or slings with muslins or any kind of covers. You are admirably trying to keep out hot sun but babies are struggling to manage without enough air circulating. Where possible, use sun hats, shade or ensure there is good ventilation. There is a new generation of sling covers which crazily are black and are thick fabric and are causing babies to overheat

Your little one may want more fluids due to thirst, say little and often. If fully formula feeding you could give water in between feeds, breast milk will adjust to the heat to have a higher water content, water in a cup, if they are having food then ice lollies (you can make great home made ones), cucumber and melon are a few of the great refreshing foods

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