Holiday and Summer Essentials By Katherine Whitby

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

What an amazing summer we are having! The warm weather can bring more accidents as our little ones have fun outside. Most accidents are just part and parcel of childhood, with the inevitable bumps and bruises. However, in A&E rather than a quieter summer period after the bugs of the winter months, are we are having busy time at the moment with lots of injuries.

So, it is best to get prepared ideally by doing a First Aid course but also to be equipped at home, when you are out and about and of course going on holiday.

First Aid Kit for when you are out and about / on holiday:

Ideally it’s great to have some bits to hand in the car and when travelling in your nappy bag, kiddies bag or whatever bag or handbag you take out with you!

  • Sticky plasters in various sizes and shapes – children friendly ‘Mr Bump’ or similar are great!

  • Non-adherent absorbent dressing

  • Bandage 

  • Blunt first aid scissors

  • Adhesive tape

  • Sterile gauze to clean a wound – clean water is a good start when cleaning a wound and usually enough.

  • Insect repellent – check age appropriate.

  • Antihistamine cream to help soothe insect bites and stings – usually only suitable for children over 2.

  • You can buy clip on a mosquito repeller which are great and transmit noise (silent to us) to keep them away. Great if your little one is too young for insect repellent.

  • Remember in treating any burns cool water is the best possible treatment

  • Aloe Vera Gel – fantastic for hot and bothered skin from the heat, sunburn, superficial burns, bites, bruises. At home keep it in the fridge as when chilled it is amazing!

  • A gel cool pack to keep in the fridge – choose one your child will like e.g. peppa pig ‘bruise soother’ to help with co-operation! It can be applied to bumps to relieve swelling. A packet of frozen peas is just as good, but wrap it in a clean tea towel as direct contact with ice can cause a cold burn on skin.

  • Piriton for children – for children over 1 year, liquid anti histamine for MINOR reactions which is good for bites, irritated skin.

  • Thermometer – digital or tympanic are the most reliable

  • Paracetamol for children – pain relief or to help a temperature

  • Ibuprofen for children – pain relief or to help a temperature, helpful for bruising and swelling as it is an anti-inflammatory.

  • You can just make a little First Aid kit in a zip up bag or I highly recommend First Aid Kits by Baby Aid. A great story too as Baby Aid was started by a Mummy who attended one of my early First Aid courses!

Tips for Flying:

Check with the airline what they can offer you in terms of space, a bassinet, warming food/ milk, anything you might need!

  • Have your little one sucking on landing and take-off to help with the pressure in their ears – breast/ bottle feeding, dummy, eating... whatever works for you and is age appropriate

  • Take sachets of Paracetamol and/ or Nurofen, in case they are in discomfort with pain in their ears

  • Take spare clothes – for you and them, spare nappies, muslins and comforters

  • Mini books, sorting toys, upload to your phone or iPad their favourite programmes to keep them entertained/ distracted!

  • Check latest advice on taking baby milk and foods through security to avoid tears (yours and theirs!). You can buy most stuff once you are through to the other side

  • Be wary of the plane staff heating things up it can come to you very hot! Not good for safety or when they are starving!

Try not to worry about noise from your little one disturbing other passengers. It only makes you stressed which your little one picks up on and makes them worse. Babies on planes is part of travel and other passengers just have to lump it. You travelled kiddy free once and I bet you were patient?! They can switch off, but you can’t so look after yourself

If you little one sleeps don’t turn on a movie – sleep! You don’t know how long it will be for or when they or you will sleep again so take advantage!

Try not to stress about time differences, sleep times and jet lag. Easier said than done I know but you can’t predict how they will sleep in an unfamiliar environment – plane or where you are staying or manage jet lag or time differences. Once you are at your holiday destination you can put familiar things in place and all unwind into the holiday

babies need lots of sunscreen
Don't forget babies burn quickly

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