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Overwhelming the most common time for parents to do the Baby Steps First Aid course is when their babies are starting solid food. They may have had good intentions of doing one when they were expecting their baby but like many didn't get time to squeeze it in amongst all the other classes and baby prep!

Then Weaning comes along and it can, understandably seem very daunting as your little one moves from only having milk, to
launching into the world of food with all the different textures and shapes that brings.

After 20 years of working with families it is easy to see those parents who have done a First Aid course before stating weaning and those who haven't. Those who have, are usually more confident trying finger foods and varying textures and tastes and so Weaning is fun and enjoyable.

I am excited to launch our pioneering course, which encompasses Weaning plus the elements of First Aid, which can cause anxiety when starting solid food. The 2 and half hour course covers Weaning plus Choking and Allergic Reactions.

You will have plenty of time to practice the choking technique on manikins and ask questions. You will receive a handout of the easy to remember technique. We will also discuss Allergic Reactions and the differences between mild and severe reactions and what actions to take.

Don't delay - Contact us to book this course so your baby's introduction to the world of food is as enjoyable as possible.

It is still highly recommend you do a First Aid course to feel fully prepared as your little one becomes mobile and new safety issues arise.


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