Baby First Aid & Weaning

By a friendly Paediatric Nurse, Health Visitor and Mummy of two.
Giving you confidence and peace of mind.
In the comfort of your own home or at hand picked venues.


  • Testimonial 6

    “We really enjoyed your class, everyone was happy and excited to start introducing solids! You made it sound so easy and fun!!

    Clara, Chiswick.

 First aid

Baby First Aid course in London, Berkshire and Surrey

Bespoke courses tailored to you, your friends and family. Offering advice for emergencies big or small at all ages and stages, alongside accident prevention to ensure you feel fully prepared.



Weaning courses in London, Berkshire and Surrey

Step by step advice on how and when to introduce solid food, tailored to you and your baby. Covering traditional and baby led weaning as well as teething, cups and meal ideas. Ensuring you will enjoy this exciting stage.


 Children's courses

Children from as young as 3 years old can learn vital information with our fun and interactive course, and start lifelong learning in First Aid.

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