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As my own children have got older and when I have been invited back to do First Aid courses for families as their children have grown, I have seen how interested children are to learn First Aid.

This is a wonderful opportunity for knowledge of First Aid to begin
at such a young age.

Currently First Aid courses are not mandatory in school so children are unlikely to learn First Aid.

"4 days after the course I asked my little girl what number to call in an emergency, what to do if someone got burnt, if they were bleeding or choking and she remembered it all! I was amazed how worthwhile the course was."
Sara, Mummy to Martha age 3.

"I really enjoyed dressing up and learning about the different emergencies, it was great."
Tom age 7.

First and foremost our children’s courses are fun! Initially they have the chance to dress up in doctors or nurses outfits, play with doctor’s sets and First Aid kits and do role play as they feel happy to.

The course will be tailored to the age of the children and any particular requests parents may have. Children from as young as 3 years old can gain huge enjoyment, benefits and knowledge, which as we have seen in the media, can prove lifesaving.

Topics covered will be:

  • How and when to call for help
  • Burns
  • Bleeding, cuts and bruises
  • Choking (with or without manikins as age appropriate)

The children will have opportunity to practice the above scenarios in a fun way with props. Depending on the age of the children topics, which might also be covered, are: Head injuries, allergic reactions, accidental poisoning, trapped fingers, splinters and foreign objects.

The course is an hour and a half. Children will receive a certificate and handout. We recommend parents spend time discussing the topics regularly after the course to help the children remember what they have learnt and pass it on to others!

Courses can take place in the comfort of your home or at handpicked venues. Contact us to find our more.

Parents can choose if they wish to be present during the course or not and they may like to book a First Aid course to learn more themselves!


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 First Aid 

First Aid

Enabling you manage a range of emergencies right through to everyday situations. 




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