Yummy Summer Breakfast and Snack ideas

By Katherine Whitby 20th June 2018.


Hope you are enjoying summer. I absolutely love this time of year, with the whole summer ahead of us. I feel so different with the sun shining. We can be outside more, enjoy nature, everything looks more colourful and I love feeling the warmth of the sun. Life as a parent is so much easier as they can run around and play games outside, have less layers of clothing, not getting soaked in the rain! Although I know it can sometimes be too much for the littlies in the heat especially at night. I really wanted to share with you 6 of my favourite super easy, quick, healthy ‘go to’ snacks for summer. Calling them snacks doesn’t really do them justice. They can work to be honest for any time of day; amazing for breakfast or throughout the day. They perfect for the whole family, hands little and big, and are all massive favourites in our house. Many are the perfect way to start babies on finger foods. As ever, if you are nervous about finger foods get in touch to do a First Aid course!

Best of all they are sooooo yummy!!!

They are all perfect for this time of year and because many of them are chilled they are amazing for keeping cool and incredible for soothing teething gums - Bonus!

Take a look on this video and let me know what you think!

 1. Yoghurt – natural full fat yoghurt, you could use a dairy alternative coconut or goat’s yoghurt.

2. Add in chia seeds, milled nuts and seeds, mashed fruit.

3. Avocado and nut butter Dips and crudité – make your own dips (I had made beetroot homous – so good!) or can buy wonderful dips just check the ingredients for any added salt or sugar. Nut butters with fruit or veg wedges – literally the best!

4. Those who are nut free here are some alternatives at kitchn.com


Summer food


5. Home made lollies – watermelon make amazing ones or if you love smoothies then pour them in the moulds to freeze, as long as they are higher in veg than fruit.

6. Fruit and veg wedges – watermelon again wins the day!


Enjoy the sunshine

Katherine x


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