Royal Society Prevention of Accident Safety Week

By Katherine Whitby 23rd April 2018


It’s RoSPA’s Safety Week!

While we want our babies and toddlers to learn and explore. This great video by RoSPA highlights really important safety advice. I was glued!! Pop it on your phone and watch or have it one while you are making the supper – it will be one of the most useful half an hour you can spend.


Here are the highlights

Get on your hands and knees!! Check your home at a low level - what can you see? Look for wires hanging down, hot drinks they could reach, small objects that they might put in their mouth, drawers they can open – what’s inside?


Keep your remote control at a height!

They can have button batteries in which are very dangerous if swallowed. They cause long term internal damage. Check you don’t have any loose around the house. Be aware of what objects in your house contain them. Make sure covers are tightly screwed on any toys, musical books, mobiles, kitchen and bathroom scales, watches, clocks… the list goes on. The sausage the video is scary!

Make sure nappy sacks are zipped away – they cause suffocation. They can be attractive to little ones. They rustle and smell nice!


Washing capsules are so colourful and squidgy!

Little ones are really attracted to them; they look like sweets or toys. Washing capsules are made to dissolve on moisture contact. So are very dangerous if they go in the mouth or are squirted in the eye. Please store them out of reach.

Chop tomatoes, grapes, soft fruits or any round shaped foods e.g. sausages into small pieces (quarter them) to reduce any risk of choking. Whilst they are eating supervise them and make sure they not walking around when they are eating!

You must supervise your children in the bath at all times!

Beware of hair straighteners – they stay hot for a long time. Put in a heat proof bag and put out of reach.

The safest place to change your child’s nappy is on the floor.


Car Seat Advice

Check your car seat harnesses - there should just be 2 fingers between the child and strap. Check every time as clothing can make a difference.

Babies should not be left to sleep in their car seat once they come inside the house.



The greatest cause of burns are hot drinks so keep out of reach. The video shows clearly the devastating effect they can have.

The most serious scalds are from bath water – add the cold in first and then the hot so they don’t jump into a hot bath.


Beware of blind cords

It may not be your house it could be friends or families you are visiting or at a holiday home. It happened to us at a baby friendly cottage - William was pulling on them straight away! Make sure they are out of reach. The video has great advice.

Many of these highlights show supervision is key!

Check out for more amazing safety advice, leaflets and posters. Follow them on social media for more great videos.

I run through all this advice in my Baby and Child First Aid course.

Let me know what you think of the video.

Just get in touch with any queries or tips of your own to share.


Stay safe

Katherine x


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