Ways to ease the discomfort of Teething

26th March 2018


In my last blog I wrote about my Teething event with Joanne ‘The Ealing Mummy’ covering teething and dental health. Now it’s the all-important info about how we can help ease any discomfort can be eased. So here are my ‘Top Tips’:

  • Distraction – in the day time babies will be more distracted from any discomfort by playing and day to day activities. Equally making sure you factor in some quiet time if they are feeling a bit weary – or you are too!

  • Hugs and reassurance!

  • Teething rings - these can be cooled in the fridge and can offer relief. However initially some designs can sometimes be too big for the baby’s mouth!


Image of Teething Rings


  • A muslin cloth which has been in the fridge

  • Babies from 4 months can have teething gel from the pharmacy which gives pain relief when rubbed on the gums. Products include: Bonjela, Dentinox, Boots

  • Homeopathic teething granules can be bought in sachets from the pharmacy. You tip the granules into the baby’s mouth and this can offer relief. Products include: Nelson’s Teethas, Aston & Parsons, Boots

  • Emma from Brush Baby talked about how prevention is the key and keeping the mouth free from bacteria by using Brush Baby dental wipes can help to relieve discomfort. This can also be done with a clean cloth and water

  • Baby Massage strokes to the face can release tension from crying and discomfort

  • Sugar free Ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory) or Paracetamol can be given. These can ease the discomfort if the baby is particularly in pain, for example when the tooth is ‘cutting’ through the gum. Check the appropriate dose for your baby’s age, can be given from 3 months onwards


Foods to soothe teething:

One of the most wonderful ways to soothe sore gums is with cool foods and drink. Your little one will love the sensation of coolness to relieve the inflammation as well as being able to chew on chilled food. As appropriate for your baby’s age and stage with Weaning my top recommendations are:


Image of Super Foods


  • Cool water – simples!

  • Yoghurt – so soothing and most babies LOVE yoghurt! Full fat Greek yoghurt with fruit, milled nuts or seeds is perfect and really healthy. To be honest you can add yoghurt to anything. I even remember adding it to fish pie when Isabella was teething – sounds gross now but did the trick! If your child has a diary intolerance or allergy try goats or coconut yoghurt.

  • Hummus – any dips or hummus are amazing on chilled chopped or roasted veg for the little ones to chew and suck. A real winner and nutritious too. So many different colourful dips available now or if you feel inclined they are super easy and quick to whizz up and then I freeze them.

  • Chia mousse – this tastes sooooo good you think it should be bad for you but it’s a powerhouse of nutrition. Blend a banana with milk (milk of your choice) and 2 tablespoons of chia seeds and leave in the fridge overnight. The seeds swell and make a yummy mousse. It can be eaten alone or mixed in yoghurt or porridge. Banana can a swopped for mango or other blended fruit.

  • Chilled batons of cucumber, carrot, melon, apple. Feel free to cook the carrots to the consistency you feel comfortable with. When carrots are raw they will generally just chew on them. If you cook them don’t make them too soft or they will be squashed! Batons need to be chunky so they can have a good grip and not just end up on the floor!

  • A chilled banana! Yep that easy or wedge of chilled avocado might also be a fave.

  • A piece of chilled bread – lovely for them to chew on. Let me know any other ways you find helpful to ease any discomfort from teething, especially any food ideas!


Take Care

Katherine x


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