Handy tips for a safe and successful Christmas

By Katherine Whitby 14th December 2017


While you may be in full swing with Christmas shopping and wrapping the presents, here are a few tips for staying safe and well over the silly season, plus a few presents ideas. Let me know if you think of any others!


Christmas present ideas

  • For any parent, parent to be, grandparent or anyone looking after kids - fab, compact First Aid kits by Baby Aid. Perfect for a nappy bag, the car or when travelling.



  • Give yourself or any loved ones a real boost by getting in touch with our friends at Nature Doc Shop for supplements, vitamins, fish oils tailored to you. Also take a look at their gorgeous natural products, from baby snacks through to lovely toiletries for little ones and for you, toys and a whole range of other goodies!

  • How about endless family days out with National Trust membership? Loads of running around, fresh air and fantastic places to explore which are kiddie friendly. The National Trust may not be your bag or local but there might be other memberships nearby which could be great yearlong gifts.


If you are going to stay with relatives or friends:

  • Give them the heads up if your little one/s is on the move to make sure no medication, cleaning products (e.g. bleach by the loo), alcohol (!) or gardening chemicals are in reach. We are hopefully more relaxed over the holiday season. Babies and children can be busy exploring while you are busy chatting and find all sorts of things!

  • When people don’t have little ones themselves, they aren’t in the same red alert state you are, so it’s just worth thinking about whether there are any tricky staircases, table corners, blind cords hanging down, large objects such as vases that could be hazardous for little heads or equally tiny objects for little hands!




A word about candles...

  • I absolutely love candles especially at Christmas time. Again, I know it sounds obvious but I see these accidents happen - make sure candles are out of reach, not left unattended and are away from curtains, ribbons etc. If you decide to use the fake ones remember they have button batteries so be very sure no little hands can get to them. So much to think about!



During the holiday season when your GP will be closed or on reduced hours, make sure you are aware of the nearest medical facilities:

  • GP 24/7 – Our newest service ’GP at Hand’ enabling you to book a GP appointment via an app. They have had some good reviews

  • NHS 111 - 24-hour non-emergency phone line. They can give advice, signpost you to services and arrange out of hours GP appointments – been a lifesaver!

  • Late night pharmacy – check out opening hours as its’ so often the way you need something late at night

  • Urgent Care and A&E – these services will be stretched over the holiday season but if you feel you need urgent treatment make sure you are aware of your nearest Paediatric A&E wherever you are staying.


Stock up! Make sure you have plenty of:

  • Tissues

  • Cold remedies – vapour rubs and drops, plug in vaporisers, saline drops.

  • Check your First Aid kit is up to date

  • Pain relief (hangover?!)

  • Check all your safe proofing is in place for little visitors

  • Along with all the Christmas treats have some healthy fruit, veg and snacks to give your digestion a helping hand. Nut butters, avocados, bowls of nuts and seeds (minding little hands can’t reach big nuts) vegetable crudities and humous at the ready to keep those good fats and proteins topped up. How about a lovely big bowl of Christmassy clementines for a shot of Vitamin C? They smell amazing too!


No matter what you are up to over the festive season I wish you a safe and healthy and happy holiday. Take the time to rest in any way you can and enjoy the magic that Christmas can bring.

Thanks for all your support in 2017 and here’s to an exciting 2018!

Warmest wishes,

Katherine x

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