Super quick and healthy breakfasts for the whole family

By Katherine Whitby 12th October 2017


We see recipes online, in magazines and books, for yummy, nutritious breakfasts but so rarely have time to make them! It is so easy to have the same breakfast everyday. Most children in the UK have cereal and/ or toast with jam, with crisps being the third most common breakfast food in secondary age children. (Doctor-Patient Partnership (DPP). As a result they (and many of us!) start the day with sugar and carbs leading to a mid morning ‘dip’ which is not conducive to learning in nursery or school or for the littlies avoiding tantrums! A good breakfast is essential for parents’ energy levels too! It may take time to change taste buds but you can gradually introduce these ideas along side their breakfast of choice. This will encourage them to give it a go.


Key tips:

Eat the same breakfast - this saves time making separate breakfasts and they are much more likely to eat well when eating with you, giving you all a healthy start to the day.

  • As much as possible (when time!) from toddler age, let them have an input into the making, spreading, adding, stirring etc as they will love the feeling of independence and be way more interested.

  • Stay chilled - a new idea might need to be offered a few times in different formats before it’s a winner!

  • Put out the ‘little extras’ for them to choose - see below! While Jamie Oliver’s fab new book and TV series promotes 5 ingredients let’s go even lower – 2!


Four Super quick ideas as voted by my children are…

1. Cut an avocado in half. Remove the stone and spread nut butter into the hole and on the top. Bigger hands can use a spoon to scoop out or for smaller hands remove the skin and do slices or mash up this combo. Nut butters are a wonderful, convenient protein and way to gradually introduce nuts to babies.

2. Banana with nut butter – slice or cut in half as a finger food or mash.

3. Banana or avocado on their own or mixed together (they actually go really well together promise!) spread onto toast, oatcakes, crumpets and cut as suits the size of hands!



4. Natural yoghurt, full fat or coconut, (or Porridge if you have time to make it) with the ‘little extras’ (see below). So yummy!



The ‘little extras’

I found a huge change in my children’s enjoyment of meals after presenting them with a little ‘buffet’ of things to choose from. They think it’s all up to them! You can put these into jam jars or little containers to pop out on the table in the morning (or night before) and let them dig in or for babies give them a go, as you feel comfortable adding to yoghurt and porridge.

  • Ground almonds (perfect protein and way to introduce nuts for babies)

  • Seeds (can be bought milled for babies or use the milling blade of a nutri bullet) – pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, linseed, poppy, hemp, chia….list goes on!

  • Dried fruit – chopped as you feel comfortable

  • Pomegranate seeds (need to be in fridge)

  • Home made granola (recipe to follow next time)

  • If you have time grated apple or carrot to add sweetness

  • Cinnamon

  • Nutmeg

  • Vanilla Extract

  • Honey (for over 1) – a good runny honey can save time and mess!

  • Why not crush up Weetabix or Shredded Wheat or add Rice Krispies to get them interested and add in (ideally not Coco Pops!)

  • Add pieces of fresh fruit, dried fruit and nuts on their plate – as appropriate for their age

 Let me know what you think of these ideas and how they are received!


Next time I will look at breakfast ideas, which can be prepared, in advance ready for a few days ahead.

If you need any advice or support around meal planning, weaning or feeding please get in touch, as I would love to help. I can offer 1:1 advice at home or online or I run Weaning courses at home or venues.

Katherine x

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