The checklist continues!

By Katherine Whitby 28th April 2017


So first up was putting all the hazardous products, medications and batteries well out of reach. Then perhaps a toy clear out last bank holiday weekend.  Now we have another lovely long bank holiday weekend is ahead of us. Whilst you may have plans and save these ideas for another day, extra time at home might be the perfect time to make sure extra safety checks are in place.

This time we are looking further at safe proofing our homes particularly to reduce the risk of head injuries.

  • Change your baby’s nappy on the floor. Babies can roll and wriggle off beds or changing tables in seconds – even very young ones.

  • Don’t put your bouncer chair or baby car seat on tables or work surfaces. A baby will subtly rock and can come off the raised surface.

  • Hold onto the hand rail when carrying a baby or small child down stairs. Don’t be tempted to carry extra things and keep stairs clear of clutter.

  • Watch out for signs that a baby is starting to crawl. Fit safety gates to stop them climbing stairs or falling down them. Remember to close them. Take time to find the right one to fit the width of your staircase. Those that drill into the wall rather than screw against them are safest (sorry!) as they like to stand and rattle them like they do their cot sides and they can become loose.

  • Teach young children how to use stairs safely and supervise them while they learn. Also teach them never to play on stairs.

  • Ensure they wear a helmet on bikes and scooters.

  • Fit window locks or safety catches to stop windows opening more than 6.5cm (2.5 ins). But make sure family members know where keys are kept in case of fire.

  • Baby walkers are dangerous as babies can gain high speed and are associated with a high incidence of accidents. They also do not promote walking as babies are not taking their own weight.

  • As babies learn to walk they are very unsteady. So fit soft corners on low tables and padding around edges such as a hearth. Use fireguards to stop babies falling into fireplaces. These cushion corners are widely available online at Clippasafe or on Amazon.

  • Use a five point harness to stop a baby falling from a highchair or pushchair.

Are you all set or is there something you haven’t thought of yet? Do get in touch about any experience or ideas that you have had, would love to hear from you.

As ever make sure you have done a First aid course so you are confident managing emergencies big and small – including a head injury. Don’t delay and arrange a Baby Steps course for friends and family at home or come along to a local venue.

Enjoy the long weekend.

Take Care

Katherine x

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