The Big Toy Clearout

By Katherine Whitby 14th April 2017


The long Bank Holiday is finally here. Are you away somewhere nice for the Easter break? Or having a 'Staycation'. If so you may be planning a bit of DIY or having a clear out – are either possible with kids?!! Doesn't seem 'taking it easy' is an option either! We've had fun today making Easter nests – William's face was covered in chocolate! Isabella had a lovely time decorating them. We also made some healthy snacks which I will share with you soon.  

Easter Cake Treats
Easter Cake Treats


We’ve been having a big toy clear out which has been really satisfying. Have you got toys your kids no longer really play with? We’ve passed things on to friends and also made a bit of pocket money selling things on Facebook. Sad to see things go but great to get organised and have a bit more space... ready for the next things!

Are you toys stored so no one can trip over them? More accidents happen with people tripping over toys than because of the actual toys! Are any at a height where they might be tempted to try and reach for them?

My son used the bottom drawer of his chest of drawers as a step to reach things on the top (yes just like the viral clip of the twins and it was the same IKEA set of drawers!!). Absolutely heart stopping – do you have any furniture or a flat screen TV which would benefit from furniture straps

It might be time to look at clever, effective and safe storage solutions. Under bed boxes are brilliant as children can pull them out by themselves as they are usually on wheels and such great use of the space.

Good luck with the toy clearout! Do get in touch about any experience or ideas that you have had, would love to hear from you.

Whether a toy clearout is on your agenda or not this Bank Holiday weekend enjoy the Easter Egg Hunts and some family time,

Happy Easter, 

Katherine x

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