Time to make sure your home is as safe as possible

By Katherine Whitby 6th April 2017


After some gorgeous sunny days Spring has really sprung! With the lighter evenings and with the long Bank Holiday weekend approaching, it is time for many of us to have a spring clean.


Out of reach – hazardous substances

First up are those risky things, which may be all too easy for your little one to get hold of. Is it time to clear out things you don’t use or need and most importantly rearrange where you keep them? They need to be at a height so you may need to swop some cupboards around. This will reduce the risk of any accidents and also reduce your stress level as you cannot be watching your children all the time!

  • Move bleach away from the loo - 20% of children under 5 can open child ‘resistant’ lids. They are not child proof!

  • Ensure cleaning products under the kitchen sink are moved to a cupboard out of reach as cupboard locks could break or become loose.

  • Whilst attractive to children dishwasher tablets are corrosive and will burn the inside of the mouth and washing capsules can burst and squirt in the eye.

  • Beware of Mummy’s handbag – pain killers, medication, car key fobs, perfumes.

  • Beware of button batteries they are very dangerous

  • Keep out of reach/ locked away:

    • Medication

    • Garden chemicals – weed killer, slug pellets !

    • Alcohol

    • Cosmetics and Essential oils

Watch about the risk of ingestion :

Watch about first aid response for ingestions :


Look out for the Bitrex logo, a bittering agent which deters children from ingesting harmful substance. Also both the Child Accident Prevention Trust and the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents provide brilliant info about these home safety hazards.

Bitrex logo Home Safety


As parents we often do not get a second to think about these points so I am trying to be one step ahead for you! With the Easter weekend coming up it’s a good chance to rearrange or secure a few things... next time there will be more things for the Spring Cleaning checklist!

Have you got all these things out of reach? Do get in touch about any experience or ideas that you have had, would love to hear from you.

As ever make sure you have done a First aid course so you are confident managing emergencies big and small – including if they have ingested something they shouldn’t. Don’t delay and arrange a Baby Steps course for friends and family at home or come along to a local venue.

Take Care,

Katherine x

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