My first ever blog… How exciting!

By Katherine Whitby – 12th September 2016


This summer I celebrated a milestone Birthday (FYI 40 rocks!), it is 10 years since I started Baby Steps and now I have waved my youngest off to school. And so a new chapter begins.

As Baby Steps celebrates 10 years it is a good chance to reflect on the journey that I have travelled professionally and personally in that time.


Baby Steps Celebrates 10 years


In 2006 when I founded Baby Steps, I was busy working as a Health Visitor and planning our Wedding. Then I was an expectant Mum juggling Baby Steps and maternity leave from the NHS. As a new mother, I was trying to find my feet in the wonder and bewilderment of parenthood. Then I was a Mummy of a toddler, who was fascinated with the world. Next a Mummy of two, enjoying each magical stage, while trying to find the holy grail of a work life balance. And now in 2016 to a Mother of school children working part time in the NHS, and re-launching Baby Steps.

Wow! How did that happen? What a rollercoaster!

We all have our own paths to navigate balancing our needs and wishes as a parent and for many with work. People say time goes fast and it does. Believe me being a health professional doesn’t make those moments when I’ve been so tired and the biggest chocolate bar doesn’t hit the spot, any easier! But the lovely cuddles and the gorgeous things they say make it worthwhile and now I can’t believe they are both now at school.

I am lucky through Baby Steps that I meet amazing families and share in their journeys too. I beam seeing the reassurance the courses bring and absolutely love my work which captures my experience as a Paediatric Nurse, Health Visitor and Mummy.

So here’s to the next 10 years… School concerts, holidays, proud Mummy moments and all the excitement ahead with Baby Steps with our shiny newly updated First Aid and Weaning courses.


Katherine from Baby Steps First Aid, London


I am passionate about Baby Steps and through my blog I look forward to discussing topics and sharing tips about children’s health, parenting, home safety and nutrition, often ably assisted by my children Isabella and William! Please get in touch with any ideas or anything you would like to know more about.

Have you recently started a new chapter of your own? I would love to hear from you.

Next time I will be discussing the different options of help available to you when you are when your little ones are unwell or injured.

Take Care, Katherine x


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